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Hive Mini Granite Stone Package (Required) - Now 5% Off

Hive Mini Granite Stone Package (Required) - Now 5% Off

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We highly recommend using rounded stones in HUUM stoves to complement the design and have milder steam.  In our selection, we have rounded olivine diabase stones: 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm.  The stones are durable and have high heat capacity.  You can also use other types of stones in HUUM heaters, except decorative stones because they can break easily.

  • diameter 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm – 33 Ib / 15 kg package

Per to manufacturer, it is recommended to use a 10 units of stone to fill any Huum Sauna Heater Hive Mini Series models.  However, we recommend buying 13 units of stone for replacement in the future.  5% off when you buy our granite stone package.  A CalmSpas Exclusive.  

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