About Us


Who are we?

We are proud to present to you top quality products and strive to bring you 100% customer satisfaction.  We know the need for much-needed relaxation in a bustling life. That is why we want to present these saunas.  Easy installation, beautiful design, but most importantly: practicality for your journey to a more relaxed and luxurious you.

We know the struggles of the daily grind and how easily self-care and health can become a simple afterthought.  Working from home, this has definitely made our spaces become more work than actual home; who’d a thunk there was a con to working from home? We slowly began realizing that our home was transforming to an office more and more and finding it harder to be at peace in it.  We tried things from reducing work, going to coffee shops to work instead, and even adding a pool fixture to encourage quality of life but still not shaking the feeling of “being at work”. Finally, we discovered home saunas.

Being in our own sauna brought us the enclosure that we needed to separate us from work.  Secluded and easily tucked inside has brought the high-end quality sense of a spa to our home without the high-end quality hassles.  Top quality sauna has brought the peace of mind that we were back in our own home, now it just has a touch more luxury.


Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We want to make this simple for you so that you can start RELAXING.  We want to provide you with customer service that we ourselves expect: 100% satisfactory.  Anything more please click here: Contact Page.

Health: Mental and Physical.  Health is an important factor that we ourselves have overlooked for many years.  So finding out that saunas had so many health benefits, we were even more pleased to follow through with this passion.  We never dreamed that this simple luxury would encompass so many benefits to health! Here’s is just a small list of benefits:

Beneficial Health Points

Improves cardiovascular performance.

Aid in recovery after intense physical activity

Relax muscle and soothes aches and pains in both muscles and joints.

Flushes toxins

Relieves stress

Many more!

Easy access to spa quality treatment and comfort.  The struggles of being at the spa and not feeling comfortable does not contribute to relaxation.  Being at home with a sauna is a huge plus since it is or will be in the comfort of your own home. We are big believers of time saving, less travel, and still receiving the full benefits of both spa like luxuries and home comforts


We have a great team and want you to be taken care of each step of the way!

Lawrence Ho  Vinh Ho  John Yates
Mary March  Paul Clarke  The Team
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