CalmSpas Customer Reviews

My experience with Calm Spas was amazing from start to finish! Teddy,a customer service representative, was my contact person. He was available to answer my questions via text and responded to all my inquiries within minutes! In addition, my sauna was delivered undamaged within 5 business days. Also impressive was the delivery person who helped carry the sauna parts into the garage. I highly recommend Calm Spas for their excellent customer service and fantastic prices!

-Nicole G, July 2022



Premium Water-proof Sauna Covers for ALL Outdoor / Indoor Saunas (Custom-Made)

I received my Sauna cover last week and installed it last Friday. We had a tremendous storm at my house Friday evening after I had installed the cover and it performed flawlessly throughout the storm. My Sauna remained dry throughout the storm, which is exactly what I had envisioned. I'm very pleased with my purchase. The materials appear to be very well put together and the front fold up panel with zippers works great while still providing great privacy from my neighbors to either side. Thank you for a well represented and delivered product.

-Steve S, June 2022


Really easy to set up and install. Took me and one other adult about 20 min to put together the sauna and then another 20 min for electrical (granted It was close to our panel and I know what I'm doing). The sauna heats up fast. Seems very sturdy. Rocks need to be washed before you put them on the heater as they are very dusty. Instructions leave some to be desired, says to screw when in fact it has easy clips.

-Derek S, March 2022


Just purchased however i can say that i shopped hard and for a unit with 7 heaters, color, back rests, cup holders, stero, over ri sized with an extra 6" oxygenizer, this is priced very well. also A 7 year warranty is just desert. Now the good stuff is that during my shopping process they actually answer the on line chat and send emails. Total availability to communicate. Obviously i dont have unit, been in it, however the company is clearly all about communicating. So we shall see. But buying experience was painless stephen engler

-Stephen E, March 2022


It was easy to assemble and came within a week of ordering it. I have set at 125 and feels great. I went in 6 straight nights before taking a rest for a night. Color therapy is very nice. I would definitely recommend this sauna.

-Robb, December 2020


We did our research on infrared saunas and decided to go with the Chaumont sauna. I emailed Calmspas to see if the Chaumont was in stock. Within minutes, a real person from Calmspas contacted us and assured us the Chaumont was in stock (other companies spas were on backorder). We ordered the sauna and it was delivered as promised! Assembly was extremely easy. We have used it now for about a week and love it!!

-Ernie B, December 2020


So happy that I got this sauna and the bench cushion and the back rests. I just lay down and take in all the relaxation. I have been able to really do a full body exfoliation with this and it feels magnificent! I just have my spa treatments inside this and maximize my experience! So nice that I found one I can lay inside of! :> #absolutelyinlove <3

-Valerie B, November 2020


This is a very nice sauna. The pictures do not do this spa any sort of justice. I love the natural aroma too. By far the best gift that I have bought for my wife and myself.

-Ryan K, October 2020


I've had steam saunas before and decided to splurge on this one as we have increased family size. This was so much better looking in person and so nice. I am glad I bought from here too because I got my very own special discount. I will be referring all of my friends.

-Jimmy L, June 2020


I bought one for my mother who is older and she has lost weight and have become healthier with this! She lives in a community and so this was the perfect fit as other saunas were too big to fit in her room and she did not like having her face covered in heat. I got one for my son as well since he will be going to live on campus in college! He insisted that we get him this one because he is going to be using this to help him recover from physical training since he does sports! I will be glad that he is away at college and able to use this regularly with the pandemic affecting in person classes!

-Marie H, March 2020


I actually received this unit a few months ago but ordered even earlier than that! I am SO glad that I purchased it and waited! Everywhere was out but the customer service from the Calmspas team was impeccable! Even though it was delayed many times and I was frustrated even more, this team listened to me and were very upfront about things! I even cancelled my order but found out that everyone is out of stock. A few weeks after cancelling, I found out that they KEPT my order! I was so happy because I LOVE the design of this model so much!!! They were so helpful and got me all the information that I needed! I already told my brother to order from them because he wants the same one! He has to pay more since they changed the price but I told him that it was worth it! I am just so impressed by their customer service even though I may not have been the nicest! Just beyond expectations in hindsight! P.S. I see that they have implemented a pre order option, Take it! I tried researching soooo many other companies and could hardly even get in touch with one let alone allow me to pre order!

-Laurie F, January 2020


Very happy with my purchase and the customer service I received!! This sauna is beautiful and wasn't very difficult for my son and I to put together. The included back rests were awesome!

-Samantha W, July 2019


From start to finish, the whole process was great for me .. The sauna was shipped on the date as promised, it actually arrived about 2 days earlier than expected. It was packed in 4 boxes, atop a pallet, strapped, and no damage to any boxes. The instructions are not the greatest, but, the assembly of the sauna is actually a matter of 12 buckles and came together extremely easy and a lot faster than you would think. Now I did need advice, and help in regard to the heater height off the ground which the manual does not state. I ended up calling John and Shawn a total of 3 times and each time they answered, helped greatly and I appreciated that. So keep this mind ....1. The heater should be 6 to 8 inches of the floor ...2. The heater protection rails / wooden, are tricky, but to center the heater, note where the wood rails are going to be and center the heater on that. You will see that the heater will go more to the left than you initially think . 3... There are 3 wires for the plug, the BLUE wire with the white sticker is the GROUND ...those were my 3 phone calls. And remember 20 amp 220V is needed for Southport. The sauna heated in about 25 minutes, new rocks did pop a few times. Rinse your rocks first, lots of dust on them ...and overall we are extremely pleased with the purchase. We are extremely satisfied with customer service and if we decide to upgrade or in the future buy another sauna, HANDS DOWN, I will buy again from Calm Spas. 1 to 10, it was a 10 overall !!

-Rudy P, June 2019



Venice 2 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna - Promo Code "calmspas30" for $30 Off

Great customer service! Easy to set up. Hubby and I set it up in under 2 hrs. We use it every single day and feel wonderful. Hubby runs heavy equipment and comes home sore most evenings. I have sore joints. We feel more relaxed and cleansed after 30 min. a day. No regrets!! Wish we would have done it sooner.

-Carol A, May 2019



Savannah 3 Person Infrared Sauna / promo code "calmspas50"

I've always loved the smell of cedar, and in a sauna it is a must have material. This looks like an amazing three person sauna. I can't wait to use it with my girlfriend and friends.

-Albert L, May 2019


This new Sauna has better instructions then our old one and was easier to put together. It works great. Thanks for your help.

-John B, March 2019


Everything went well smoothly, and the customer care make sure we're on constant communication till my sauna arrives as expected. I wish I could give more stars

-John D, January 2018