Pre-Order and Down Payment

Please call us at: 507-400-2256 or email us at: to set up a requested deposit amount for a specified unit if it is currently out of stock.  We will send out 1 of 2 invoices and will be an amount of $500.00 (negotiable).  Once the order is ready to be shipped we will send out the 2 of 2 invoice via email but also contact you via phone and or text.  You will have 48 business hours to submit the rest of the payment through to us.  If after 48 business hours, the payment has not come through yet, we will deem that the model and place in queue relinquished after refunding you the deposit.  

Please be aware that this option will only be for units that are out of stock.


Any cancellations after finalizing and authorizing the purchase, though prior to the unit or product being sent out, will be subject to a processing fee of up to 5% of the amount paid.  This will be taken out when the return is processed.  

For example: If the down payment is $500.00, then it will be subject to a fee of $15.00 to $25.00 which will result in the refund amount of $475.00 to $485.00. 

Please note that any lack of communication after 48 hours will be considered a cancellation.

COVID19 Updated:

Please note that due to the pandemic, our production team is not at optimal capacity and there may be production delays.  This can be subject to further delay as well due to shipping delays nationwide.  Please do know that if you have ordered a sauna, you will receive it at the earliest convenience.  We do not wish to hold or hoard anyone or their entities, payments, or sauna unit(s).  This is precisely we are offering this program. We are an authorized dealer and are here to exchange goods and services.  We are not here to withhold or impede on anyone else's time or money but to provide these goods and services to you in a timely and proficient manner.