Kolo Bath Brush Bambu 2 Sauna Bath Brush with Handle, Natural Bamboo

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Remarkably like the KOLO Bambu Bath Brush, KOLO’s Bambu Bath Brush 2 is just as exceptional. The practicality of the long bamboo stem assists in reaching areas within the body making your bathing experience not only comfortable but truly relaxing. Take pleasure and reap the benefits of overall skin health as blood circulation and the removal of bacteria deep within the pores of your skin are precisely drawn out.


  • 1 Natural Bamboo Bath Brush with Long Stem Handle
  • Dimensions: 15.74"L (40cm) x 4"D (12cm) x 1.96"H (5cm)
  • Designed and engineered in Finland


  • 1 Natural Bamboo Bath Brush with Long Stem Handle


Model Bath Brush Bambu 2
Brush Material Bamboo
Brush Length 15.74"L (40cm)
Brush Diameter 4"D (12cm)
Brush Height 1.96"H (5cm)
Brush Weight .37lbs