Unique Tecology Heaters for Maximum Benefits

      Infrared heat therapy from Health Mate is all you need. One of the most convincing reasons to purchase a Health Mate sauna is the natural pain relief obtained with our patented Tecoloy™ heating technology. With Tecoloy™ you will enjoy relief from arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and other chronic pain conditions. Start rejuvenating with an infrared sauna from Health Mate.

      The infrared heat raises your core body temperature and stimulates your lymphatic system, immune system and your cardiovascular system. You start sweating profusely. 

      In addition to the infrared heat triggering a profuse sweat, the water in our body also resonate with far infrared heat which helps with the detoxification process.

      All of our Health Mate Sauna™ models have heaters both in the front and back utilizing our 360 degree heating technology. You won’t find a better heater on the market for profuse sweating like with our Tecoloy™ heaters. 
      Health Mate’s Red LED has been calibrated to produce the most beneficial near infrared at 780-940nm giving you the highest penetration available. 


      Chromotherapy - Benefits of Color Lights

      Green: Fights the "winter blues" and Seasonal Affective Disorder
      Blue: Kills bacteria that produces acne and relieves migraines
      Purple: Reduces anxiety and promotes calm and tranquility
      Red: Stimulates skin cells to reduce wrinkles
      Orange: Promotes cheerfulness and mental clarity
      Yellow: Promotes positivity and spirituality



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