CalmSpas Advice: 6 Reasons we love HotAss Saunas Heaters

      1. Safety First: All HotAss Saunas Heaters come with the guards which protect sauna users from direct contact to the boiling hot stones.  Most competitor brands do NOT come with any guards at all.

      2. Like a tumbler, the surface temperature of HotAss saunas is in general cooler, which adds extra protection to sauna users.  Still, don't touch the heater though!

      3. All HotAss Saunas Heaters are made in Finland.  When you buy from CalmSpas, all models come with a lifetime warranty.  Our Illinois-based supplier will handle all maintenance and technical support when you need the service.

      4. All models in ProHeat Series & ClubHeat Series come with a Digital HeatPad control which you may use inside the sauna or within 80' in the room.  Now, you can turn on the heater with the HeatPad and enjoy your sauna 24/7.

      5. HotAss Saunas Heaters are of superior quality, and reasonably priced.  At CalmSpas, we cover shipping and sales tax obligation (unless otherwise specified).  All models come with sauna rocks at NO extra cost to you.  You may also contact us for special discounts. 

      6. It also has such an awesome name that every time we talk to our customers about this brand, we laugh.  


      Get your Ass in the Heat - Electric Sauna Heaters from Finland

      About HotAss Saunas Heaters

      HotAss Saunas was founded by a group of sauna enthusiasts with a straightforward mission: Provide premium-quality electric sauna heaters that offer unmatched value and performance.   Our sauna heaters create the most intense, satisfying heat for a consistently perfect sauna bathing experience.

      Designed, Engineered as well as Quality-crafted in Finland, HotAss Saunas produces durable, high-performance sauna heaters, digital control units, and sauna accessories for homes and commercial health clubs.   Our products are engineered to provide an authentic Finnish sauna experience at an affordable price.

      It's extremely HOT!

      Our sauna heaters combine traditional Finnish design and engineering with innovative features.   HotAss Saunas Heaters put volcanic sauna rocks in direct contact with the stainless steel heating elements to give sauna bathers what they want most - waves of intense penetrating heat!

      Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in every product that we offer.   Our heaters feature the finest components and materials to ensure years of durability, reliability, and exceptional performance.