Harvia SASL2M Autodose, Design Pipe, Black

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Harvia SASL2M

Autodose, Design Pipe, Black

This stylish and sleek Autodose water pipeline piping is designed to match the vibe of many different sauna interiors.  Designed to be installed above the heater, this modern, black nozzle directs the water onto the stones in order to create a wonderful steam. Additionally the piping can be installed through the saunas wall panel to maintain a clean look to your environment. 


  • Black Design Pipe 
  • Inconspicuous special nozzle design  
  • Integrated installation via saunas wall panel 
  • Simple and modern design to suit any sauna space 


  • Black Design Pipe 


Model SASL2M
Width 1.18"
Depth 23.62"
Height 3.15"
Weight 2.20 lbs