Auroom Sand Timer Sauna Sand Timer, 15 min

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Auroom Sand Timer

Sauna Sand Timer, 15 min

As your troubles and worries dissolve away, it's easy to lose track of time. Bathers should monitor the length of their sauna sessions, as multiple short sessions are better than one long session.

This stylish sand timer is what the Finnish used 2000 years ago while enjoying their saunas. Basic hourglass timers are still used today.Β Β To use simply tip the hourglass upside down and let the sand flow. 15 minutes will pass until all the sand is gone. Flip over again for another 15-minute session.


  • Made from Natural wood
  • Made of Natural glass
  • Features fine white sand
  • Sand flows through the hourglass over 15 minutes
  • Tracks shorter sessions


  • Sand timer


Model Sand Timer
Materials Natural Wood/Glass
Sand Fine, White
Measures 15-minute intervals