Can You Bring Your Phone in a Sauna?

Can You Bring Your Phone in a Sauna?

Bringing your phone into a sauna might seem like a good idea to stay connected or enjoy some music while relaxing, but it's not recommended. Heat and electronics don't mix well.

Most phones are designed to operate within specific temperature ranges, typically up to 95°F (35°C). Saunas, however, can reach temperatures well above 158°F (70°C), far beyond what your phone is built to handle. This extreme heat can damage your phone's battery, screen, and internal components, leading to potential data loss or hardware failure.

Instead, consider this time as a digital detox opportunity, allowing you to unwind fully without the distractions of your device.

5 Risks of Taking Your Phone Into the Sauna

5 Risks of Taking Your Phone Into the Sauna

Introducing technology to the tranquil environment of a sauna may seem convenient, but doing so isn't without risks. Before you decide to keep your phone close in that high-heat haven, it's critical to consider the potential consequences for both your device and your well-being.

1. Invasion of Privacy

Bringing your phone into a sauna can make others feel uneasy. They might worry about photos being taken without permission. This concern is real in public and private saunas when guests are around.

Your phone's camera could invade someone's space just by being visible. Think about how you would feel if strangers had their phones out around you in a private setting.

Respect sauna etiquette by keeping your phone away. Others want to relax and not stress over privacy issues. People who see your device may think you're snapping pictures or recording them. Even if that's not your plan, the fear of being on social media can ruin everyone's calm atmosphere.

2. EMF and ELF Exposure in Sauna

Saunas with high EMF (electromagnetic fields) can cause oxidative damage to cells. This type of damage speeds up aging. Infrared saunas often have lower EMF levels, making them a safer choice. You won't face the risks tied to high EMF exposure here.

ELF (extremely low frequency) emissions are another concern in some saunas. Studies say low ELF levels don't harm health. Using an infrared sauna also puts you at little risk for these emissions. Enjoy your sauna time without worrying about ELF and EMF dangers.

3. High Temperature and Humidity on Your Phone

High Temperature and Humidity on Your Phone

Your phone is at risk in the sauna. Heat and moisture can hurt it badly. The sauna temperature range inside can be high, from 150°F to 195°F. This is way too hot for your phone's insides. Parts inside might stop working or get damaged.

Humidity adds more trouble. It brings steam and wetness that can cause corrosion on important bits of your phone. Think about how steam fogs up glasses; now imagine what it does to a phone! And the longer you keep your phone in these conditions, the worse the damage could be. Plus, most warranties won't cover this kind of harm, leaving you alone if something goes wrong.

4. Kills the Purpose

Saunas are meant for relaxation and detoxification. Bringing your phone inside goes against this idea. The sauna is a place to unplug from the world, not to stay connected through screens and earphones.

By focusing on your device, you miss out on the true benefits of a sauna session. These include improved circulation, reduced stress levels, and muscle relaxation. Having your phone with you can distract you from these health perks.

Using your phone in the steam room can also disrupt the calm environment for others. Saunas are shared spaces where everyone comes to unwind. Loud notifications or light from screens can break the peaceful atmosphere that people expect when they step into a sauna.

It's important to consider this communal aspect of sauna etiquette before bringing in electronic devices.

5. Extreme Heat

Beyond killing the purpose of relaxation, extreme heat poses a real danger to your phone. Sauna temperatures soar high, often too much for electronics to handle. Your phone's delicate components may warp or melt in this intense environment.

The battery could suffer even if the device looks fine on the outside. It might lose charge faster or even fail after repeated exposure to such heat.

Infrared saunas are especially harsh on phones because they heat objects directly rather than just warming the air around them. This can cause your phone to overheat much quicker than in traditional steam saunas.

Taking your phone into these hot spaces risks serious damage that could mean costly repairs or replacements without a sauna-safe case, which is hard to find.

6. Germs

Public saunas are warm and moist, making them ideal for growing germs. Phones can pick up bacteria from your hands or any surface you put them on. Inside a sauna, these germs may spread more easily. Touching your phone and then touching your face could transfer bacteria to you.

Others in the sauna might also get these germs if they touch surfaces where you've placed your phone. Keeping it clean is important but hard to do in a sauna environment.

Phones add to the unhygienic conditions in shared spaces like saunas. Bacteria love the heat and humidity there, making phones potential carriers of germs between users. To stay healthy, think twice before bringing your phone into this space where cleanliness matters for all who use it.

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How to Prevent Your Phone from Overheating in the Sauna

How to Prevent Your Phone from Overheating in the Sauna

Using the phone in the sauna comes with risks, but accessories are designed to protect it from heat and moisture. Here are a few recommended products:

  1. Heat-Resistant Phone Cases: These specialized cases are made to withstand high temperatures found in saunas. They're crafted from materials that insulate your device against heat while protecting it from direct moisture. Look for cases that have undergone rigorous testing and come with certifications for heat resistance. Using a certified heat-resistant case ensures your phone stays safe, even in the intense heat of a sauna.
  2. Waterproof Pouches: While primarily known for their ability to keep water out, certain waterproof sauna accessories also offer some thermal protection. They're perfect for keeping your phone dry and relatively cool. Always check the product specifications to ensure they're suitable for sauna temperatures.
  3. Cooling Grips: A newer innovation, cooling grips can be attached to the back of your phone. They help dissipate heat away from your device, preventing overheating. Some products even include small fans or phase change materials that cool the phone down during use.

Usage Tips and Recommendations:

Before entering the sauna, ensure your phone is securely wrapped in its protective accessory. It's crucial to check that all seals are tight and fully closed.

Keep phone usage to a minimum. Even with protection, prolonged exposure to heat can affect your device's longevity.

Respect the tranquil nature of the sauna. If you must use your phone, ensure the brightness is low and use headphones not to disturb others.

Pricing and Purchase Options:

A heat-protective case for sauna can range from $30 to $60, depending on the brand and level of protection.

Waterproof pouches can be found for as little as $10 to $20, with higher-end models costing up to $40.

Cooling grips vary in price, from simple $15 models to advanced cooling systems around $50.

Many sellers offer financing options or payment plans to make products more accessible. Always check if the product has a warranty—most reputable brands offer at least a year of coverage. Return policies are also something to watch out for; try to purchase from sellers that offer a satisfaction guarantee or a hassle-free return process.

Protecting your phone in the sauna doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right sauna-safe smartphone accessories, you can enjoy your sauna session without worry. Remember, the goal is to relax and rejuvenate, so abide by sauna etiquette to maintain a peaceful environment for yourself and others.

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The Takeaway

Think twice before taking your phone into the sauna. Heat and moisture can damage your device. Check with your sauna's rules first. Remember, disconnecting might enhance your relaxation time. Always consider the risks to both your phone and your wellness experience.

If you want to stay out of public saunas and enjoy your time alone with a couple of friends, CalmSpas has various options available for you. Whether you're looking for 2-person saunas or even bigger ones like 6-person saunas, we have you covered. Contact us to experience privacy.


Can I take my iPhone 14 in the sauna?

Taking your iPhone 14 into the sauna is not recommended due to the risk of heat damage and moisture affecting the device's functionality and longevity. The extreme conditions can compromise its performance and potentially void the warranty.

What is not allowed in a sauna?

In a sauna, it's advisable to avoid bringing in electronics, flammable materials, large amounts of water (beyond what's needed for hydration or generating steam), and glass containers to maintain safety and the integrity of the sauna experience. These items can pose safety risks or disrupt the serene atmosphere.

Can you bring electronics into the sauna?

Electronics generally should not go in a sauna because the high temperatures and humidity can cause irreparable damage to their components. The environment inside a sauna is designed for relaxation and detoxification, not for the durability of electronic devices.

Should I keep my phone away from steam too?

Keep your phone away from steam as well because moisture can damage it.

What's the best way to protect my phone if I need it near me while in the sauna?

If you must have your phone near you in the sauna, use a protective waterproof case designed for high temperatures.