Harvia Xenio WiFi Remote Control

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Harvia Xenio WiFi Remote Control

Sauna WiFi Remote Control Panel

Model: Xenio WiFi Remote Control


The modern and stylish Harvia Xenio WiFi is a sauna control panel that you can connect to the Harvia Xenio control unit. The control panel can be connected to a wireless LAN, after which you can enjoy wireless functions with the MyHarvia mobile application. Harvia Xenio WiFi enables a variety of installation options and can also be easily installed afterward to replace the old control panel. We recommend that you place the control panel near the sauna door as a surface installation or embedded into the wall. The control panel enables easy and clear sauna control. You can start and adjust the sauna temperature with the control panel buttons. The illuminated buttons on the display make it easy to use even in low lighting conditions. Follow your sauna’s status with the MyHarvia mobile application or on the control panel’s digital display. The door sensor of the sauna’s remote starting status can be activated straight from the control panel.

This can be used as a replacement panel to provide WIFI on an already existing (compatible) control system or for new installations. This WIFI panel does not operate without a (compatible) Xenio Control System.


Xenio Control System sold separately. See Technical Tab for Xenio Control System Compatibility Specifications


  • Replacement panel offering WIFI upgrade for Xenio control systems (Xenio control system sold separately)
  • Easy installation
  • Access to MyHarvia application 
  • Wall installation
  • Compatible devices: SEE TECHNICAL TAB
  • Dimensions: 3.34"W (84mm) x 0.9"D (22mm) x 4.3"H (109mm)

MyHarvia Application

  • Control lighting
  • Control of fan
  • On-time feature
  • Timed start feature
  • Week Clock
  • Safety device option
  • Time zone selection
  • Daylight saving selection
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Humidity adjustment
  • Application not available in all countries
  • Can be connected to unlimited amount of devices
  • Access to control panel updates for the latest features and improved functions


  • Xenio WIFI Control Remote Kit (WIFI  panel only)
  • Installation and Operation Material



Xenio WiFi Remote Control

Power Consumption

Peak 2W, average 600mW

Wifi Frequency Band

2.4 GHz




4-pin: +12VDC, GND, RS485 A+B

Electrical Frequency





3.34" (84mm)


0.9" (22mm)


4.3" (109mm)

Export Table Data

MyHarvia Application

Temperature adjustment range


Humidity adjustment range


On time

1 hour

Control of lighting

On/Off button- Automation: ON when the heater turns on

Control of fan

On/Off button- Automation: ON when the heater turns off

Timed start adjustment range

0-12hr/For one heating/Based on calendar

Weekly clock

Max 8 programs

Safety device option

Safety switch (Optional)

Time zone selction


Daylight savings selection




Manual: https://www.bathingbrands.com/sites/default/files/2022-03/Harvia-CX004WIFI-IOM.pdf

Data Sheet: https://www.bathingbrands.com/sites/default/files/2022-03/Harvia-CX004WIFI-DATASHEET.pdf