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Southport 3 Person Traditional Finnish Style Steam Sauna... It gets very steamy!


Competitor (Wayfair) sells the Southport for $3,743 plus Tax. Our price is $2,996 and no tax (except WY).


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*** This deal comes with the Harvia 3.5kW Heater at NO extra cost to you.  If you want a HotAss Sauna Heater as an upgrade, please choose one of the following options - 4.5k, 6.0k or 8.0k, as an add-on.  HotAss Sauna Heater is created as a Harvia private-label brand; and our HotAss sauna heaters are all made in Finland.  

***Accessories Included at NO EXTRA COST to you.  Sauna Stones, Sauna Bucket + Ladle, Hourglass, Thermometer***


Enjoy the time-honored Finnish tradition of sauna bathing in the comfort of your own home with the Southport 3-Person Traditional Finnish-style Steam Sauna. This spacious traditional Finnish sauna features an upgraded Harvia 3.5 kW heater that produces temperatures up to 175-180 F while the included water cask and spoon allow you to add water to the heater stones to get to your desired humidity level. Standard features also include a thermo-hygrometer for displaying the humidity level, ergonomic seating for comfort and convenience, interior lighting, tempered glass door, and a cabin constructed of natural Canadian Hemlock wood for natural appealing decor.

The Southport 3-Person traditional sauna is a perfect starting home sauna for all.  Quick and easy installation through fast and concise instructions, you can have your sauna in just 1 hour!  If you need technical support, we have a dedicated line to answer all those questions.  If you need any extra service, please speak to us and we will do our best to assist you.

When you buy from CalmSpas, we will include all the accessories at no extra cost to you.  Claim your CALM now!  Complete your purchase today.


Key Features + Specs

  • Dimensions (Exterior): 69” W x 47” D x 75” H
  • Dimension (Interior): 67" W x 43" D x 71" H
  • Weight: Approximately 396 lb
  • Ergonomic Seating 
  • Tempered Glass
  • Ventilation System
  • Upgraded Harvia 3.5kW heater- includes Finnish lava stones for intense heat and humidity (BC30)  
  • CalmSpas has just verified with the supplier that we will be able to give you the upgraded heater at NO extra cost to you.  Please buy from us, we will try our best to give you more for the same price, or less.
  • Solid Canadian Hemlock wood - Smooth and naturally appealing yet durable with a pleasant aroma.  Easy to install tongue and groove construction.
  • 7 Year Structural Warranty -Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a full 7 years. It covers the entire structure of the sauna including the heating elements. Our Warranty is provided by our US-based supplier.
  • ETL/CSA Certified - Meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards - 220V, 20 amp plug
  • Hard wiring may be required - Please consult your local electrician
  • Assuming approximately 12 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), it costs about 36 cents per hour; or approximately $1.10 dollar for three hours.  It is very affordable for most people. 
  • Accessories Included at NO EXTRA COST to you.  Sauna Stones, Sauna Bucket + Ladle, Hourglass, Thermometer