Premium Water-proof Sauna Covers for ALL Outdoor / Indoor Sauna models (Custom-Made)

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Water-proof Sauna Covers for your Outdoor & Indoor Saunas

Welcome to 2023, the year of climate change.  At CalmSpas, we are dedicated to save Saunas Globally.  One Sauna at a time.

It is suggested that ALL Saunas, even Outdoor Saunas, should be covered and protected from Extreme weathers like heavy snow and rainfall.  All of our sauna covers are made of durable heat-insulating materials and may help keep the sauna warmer, lowering your energy bills in the amid of winter.  Our Sauna covers can also be used to prevent dust and debris.  Often, customers buy a sauna cover for privacy reason.  They feel more comfortable to use the sauna when it is covered.  Last but not least, Some sauna owners prefer to have theirs covered as a counter measure of theft and damages.

CalmSpas is the only US-based Online Sauna Specialist that sells custom-made sauna covers for ALL Sauna models with a 1-year manufacturer-backed warranty.  There may be a design fee between $23.89 and $165.27 for any non-cuboid shaped sauna.

We are Now running a special promotion.  Buy any TWO covers to save $50 with the promo code "2covers50".  All Sauna covers will be shipped globally for free.  

We make the buying process simple.  PROVIDE YOUR SAUNA DIMENSIONS AND WE WILL CUSTOM-MADE THE SAUNA COVER TO FIT YOUR SAUNAS! Please email the Dimensions at or send a text message to 507-900-5300.

Available Color: Black, Brown, Blue, White, Beige, Grey

At CalmSpas, we partner with a Georgia-based company to provide 100% Water-proof and 100% UV Resistant Sauna Cover for your Outdoor & Indoor Saunas.  With our unique seam-stitching technology, all covers are made for EXTREME weather conditions to prevent any water leakage.   Our Sauna Covers are made of PVC Coated Polyester, an extremely tear-and-abrasion resistant material is ideally suited to use in protective covers.  Our toughest cover is designed to take whatever nature dishes out. This heavy-weight champion is ideal for industrial use, or wherever extreme weather hits. PVC-coated 18 oz 1000 Denier polyester that is UV-resistant, waterproof and tear-proof is impervious to rust, abrasions, and tears.

Features:  High Durability, Heavy Duty, Tear & Abrasion Resistant, Waterproof & High UV Resistant, Medium Weight, Feels Like Vinyl, and Ideal for Extreme Weather.      

All covers are custom-made to fit your saunas perfectly.   All covers come with flap split zipper tie-down for extremely easy access.   We have customers who purchase the cover for their outdoor saunas solely for an extra layer of privacy.  Some customers use our covers to protect their saunas from debris, dust and liquid spill even if they place their saunas indoor at all time.  

All covers come with a 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.