Harvia Legend 240 SL Legend Series 21kW Wood Sauna Stove w/Ext. Feed

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Harvia Legend 240 SL

Legend Series 21kW Wood Sauna Stove w/Ext. Feed

If you want to heat your sauna from another room or outside the building than this Harvia Legend 240 SL is for you. With the innovative structure that separates the combustion air and directs part of the air to the upper part of the fire chamber will give you a cleaner and more efficient way of burning. The large amount of stones integrated with the modern black steel grate structure gives this wood burning heater a longer lifespan. 

This Harvia Legend 240 SL has multiple features that put this wood burning heater above the others. The opening direction of the door can be changed and the adjustable legs can give you added height. This heater has smaller than usual safety distances from the side and back surfaces to burning materials which allows you flexibility to place the benches freely. It can be equipped with a pipe-mounted water heater.


  • Heats two rooms
  • Wood-burning
  • Cleaner and efficient burning
  • 21kW
  • For sauna rooms from 353 to 848 cu. ft.
  • Requires a minimum of 440lbs of stones (10 boxes-AC3020)
  • Please note that each natural stone is unique in shape and size. We recommend purchasing an additional box of sauna stones to allow you to choose the highest quality of stone for fit, form, and function (Additional freight charges will apply). 
  • Black steel frame
  • Floor model
  • Adjustable feet
  • Rear connection opening
  • Upper connection opening
  • Soot opening
  • Designed, engineered, and made in Finland
  • Dimensions: 23.6" W (600mm) x 30.7" D (780mm) x 32.7" H (830mm)
  • Limited 2-year warranty 


  • Steel frame
  • Stove body
  • Stove Door
  • Ash box
  • Fire chamber extension
  • Installation and operation manual
  • 2-year warranty


Model Legend 240 SL
Kilowatt Rating 21 KW
Primary Fuel Wood
Maximum Firewood Length 15" (39cm)
Diameter of Firewood 3 - 5.9" (8-15cm)
Minimum Cubic Feet 353 CF
Maximum Cubic Feet 848 CF
Minimum Room Height 72.8" (1850mm)
Flue Connection Location Back, Top
Heater Weight 181 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 620 lbs
Width 23.6" (600mm)
Depth 30.7" (780mm)
Height 32.6" (830mm)