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CalmSpas Complimentary Package B for HealthMate Sauna Customers

CalmSpas Complimentary Package B for HealthMate Sauna Customers

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CalmSpas Complimentary Package B

With immediate effect, this complimentary package is yours at NO extra cost to you when you buy the following models - HealthMate Renew 3, HealthMate Enrich 3, HealthMate Enrich Corner, Health Inspire 3, HealthMate Elevated Health, HealthMate Therapy Lounge and HealthMate Sport Sauna. 

HealthMate Aroma Mate aromatherapy cup (Valued at $75)

Adding just a few drops of essential oils to your Aroma Mate aromatherapy cup will transform your warm space to a calming place. Simply attach the aroma cup to one of your Tecoloy™ grills and enjoy.

Essential Oil Sampler (Valued at $49)

Our Sampler comes with a package of 6.  

Ergonomic Backrest x 3 (Valued at $299)

The evenly spaced cedar rods allows better air circulation for your skin when stretching out in your sauna. The ergonomic lumbar support follows the curvature of your body, reducing the pressure on your back by distributing the weight evenly when you lean against it.

Sauna Bench Pad (Valued at $189)

The Sauna Pad is made of Faux Leather and it is stuffed with foam for your comfort.  The dimension is 34" x 16" x 2.15" (WDH).  It will definitely take your sauna experience to the next level.  




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