CalmSpas Challenge 001 - We are donating saunas and massage chairs to at least 100 fire stations in Florida, North Carolina and beyond; in areas affected by Hurricane Ian and other disasters.

      We have firsthand experiences how a sauna can help fire fighters and disaster responders feel recovered so that they are ready for their next missions.

      HealthMate Enrich 3 Infrared Sauna will help users sweat out toxins even with just one 45-minute session. Regulars may feel their olfactory senses restored, making it easier for them to breathe. Sauna users also reported how sauna therapies had alleviated symptoms from Covid-19, flu as well as other seasonal allergies. In particular, a customer told us how his HealthMate Enrich 3 Infrared Sauna had helped him cough up nasty stuff. With just a few sauna sessions, he was able to smell better. Food became tastier and appealing again. He even finished a half marathon and was enjoying his active lifestyle.

      Pain and fatigue is also common among fire fighters. It’s because a lot of them are in pain and can’t sleep properly; and then they get tired and feel worse. And we believe how a massage chair can help fire fighters and disaster responders perform better, rebalancing their minds and bodies for their next challenges.

      Tru Eclipse, the quietest massage chair in the market, may help even the lightest sleepers snore and snooze. With latest AI technology, users can talk to Tru Eclipses; making it more accessible to persons with limited mobilities. The entire massage chair can be warmer up within minutes. Many feel cozied with Tru Eclipse’s whole body gloving feature, more commonly known as airbags. Finally, users can fall back on Tru Eclipse; truly experiencing zero gravity for the first time; entering the stage of nirvana. Tru Eclipse indeed is a massage maestro and learned from six massage schools, distressing knots and releasing tensions one person at a time.

      We want to donate a Sauna AND a Massage Chair COMBO to as many fire stations as possible. In particular, we want to donate to busy fire stations in areas affected by Hurricane Ian. If you are a fire station in the United States and believe in sauna and massage chair therapies should be part of the fringe benefits for the staff, send us an email at and we will put you on our wait list for all of our CalmSpas challenges. Please share this post and spread the word as our goal is to donate to 100 fire stations by the end of this month.

      A HealthMate Enrich 3 Sauna costs $5,900, and a Tru Eclipse Massage Chair costs $11,000; making the Sauna and Massage Chair COMBO $16,900. Both are the minimum prices that we have to follow per to our vendors. However, we are willing to chip in $1,901 for each COMBO, driving the price further down to $14,999. That being said, we will donate one combo to a fire station for every $14,999 that we receive.  Please use code “firefighters” and the price for the combo will do down to $14,999.

      If you are ready to get cozy and toasty with your loved ones, you may get your combo here today. Both the sauna and the massage chair are in stock, and we will ask our vendor to ship within a week. Please feel free to take advantage of the deal as we expect a surge demand in colder seasons. If you are buying for your community, we will handle all shipping and warranty so you don’t have to. If you are interested in other sauna models please let us know and we will give you our Pre Black Friday Promo Codes today!

      Curious about how many saunas we can actually give? Please JOIN The CalmSpas Community of 2,500+ subscribers at We will dutifully report our progress, our finances, and of course our Pre Black Friday deals that no other competitors can match. Please spread the word and ask them to send us an email to if you know any local, state and federal fire stations that may be interested to join our wait list.

      Please chip in so that we can help fire fighters and other disaster responders to feel better and get ready for the next missions.

      More About CalmSpas. We have been in the sauna business since Nov 2018. We have sold saunas, heaters and other accessories to more than 1,400 customers. We are authorized dealers for both HealthMate Sauna and Tru Massage Chair. We will update our lists on a daily basis.

      Wait List:

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      Future Challenges Forecasting
      We just started another online store and we would like to do another challenge similar to donating saunas and massages chairs to fire stations. MarineSporting, an online selling inflatable water parks, hard to find kayaks and other aqua sport accessories. For our next challenge, we will help build 100 waterparks for families in areas affected by Hurricanes. If you are a US supplier distributing water-sport merchandises, we want to promote and sell your products at our new online store.

      CalmSpas Challenge Journal:
      Since this is our first challenge, we will report what we have done, learned and our progress on a daily basis. Please come back and share the news.